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Runs from Tuesday August 16 2022 to Saturday May 6 2023

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Ballet Memphis Fly Studio
2144 Madison
Memphis TN 38104

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In addition to learning and perfecting the most challenging movements in the classical ballet syllabus, steps are now combined in longer and more intricate patterns and are performed at a variety of tempi - from very slow, requiring control and balance, to very fast, requiring precision and alacrity. Great emphasis is placed on these development levels and in refining each dancer's musicality and artistic expression. To supplement students' ballet training and versatility, Ballet 7 and 8 students take weekly classes in Modern Dance. The commitment required to train at these levels develops self-discipline, confidence, attention to detail and determination. Whether or not Ballet 7 and 8 students aspire toward a professional career, instructors challenge dancers to set and pursue goals that will help them achieve their maximum potential. Students must be evaluated by the School for level placement prior to completing registration for this class.

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